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Whether you’re looking to reconnect with your creativity, hone your writing skill set, or refine your team’s capacities for innovation, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the packages below, and please don’t be shy: If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, reach out so we can talk it out.


write your heart out

creative writing packages


wake up. you’ve got some stories to tell.

Fire Hours. Compassionate Critiques. One-on-One Coaching. We’ve got the process + insights to (re)connect you with your creativity, refine your writing, & craft a creative lifestyle that will keep your soul fed for years to come. Get it all here.

  • Dive deep into your relationship with your own creativity

  • Debunk your misconceptions about “good” writing

  • Hone your craft + experiment with genre & form

  • Identify + dismantle your creative blocks

  • Find + affirm your voice

  • Share your stories + know their value

  • Grow your self-confidence as a creative & a writer





your team’s capacity for creative thinking is so much bigger than you know. Give your team members space to shine.

Nearly 90% of business executives believe innovation is critical for ongoing success. Our creative writing workshops are designed to stimulate idea generation, improve teamwork, tap into your team members’ innate creativity, and inspire creative thinking long after we leave.

Laura is not only skilled in facilitating creative workshops. She’s also a business owner and a professional content strategist. Put these skillsets together, and you’ve got the makings for strategic, informative, and effective creativity workshops.

Ready to enjoy some whopping ROI? Get in touch.

  • Boost creativity + innovation

  • Build rapport among coworkers

  • Enhance your team’s problem-solving capacities

  • Delight your customers

  • Stay ahead of your competitors