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Whether you’re looking to express yourself creatively, hone your writing skill set, refine your brand messaging, or dial in your blog strategy, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the packages below, and please don’t be shy: If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, reach out so we can talk it out.


write your heart out

creative writing packages


wake up. you’ve got some stories to tell.

Fire Hours. Compassionate Critiques. One-on-One Coaching. We’ve got the process + insights to (re)connect you with your creativity, refine your writing, & craft a creative lifestyle that will keep your soul fed for years to come. Get it all here.

  • Dive deep into your relationship with your own creativity

  • Debunk your misconceptions about “good” writing

  • Hone your craft + experiment with genre & form

  • Identify + dismantle your creative blocks

  • Find + affirm your voice

  • Share your stories + know their value

  • Grow your self-confidence as a creative & a writer


If your brand isn’t lighting you up, it’s not lighting up your customers.

You became a solopreneur or small business owner because you wanted to build a brand around your passions and on your own terms. But sometimes it feels like there’s a serious gap between your current reality and the vision that inspired you enough to quit (or slack off at) your day job.

Let’s bust through those blocks together.

Whether you’re looking to better align your brand with your Self, tweak your brand messaging so it finally attracts your dream clients, create copy & content that gets you noticed, finally start that blog (or improve your existing one), or all of the above, our strategy + mindset programs will get you on the track. Check out our Branding + Blogging Packages and let’s point your ship back toward your North Star.

  • Work through the blocks that are keeping your content strategy stuck

  • Dial in on what makes your business unique

  • Identify the transformation that you create in clients’ lives

  • Build brand messaging that accurately reflects the value of your work

  • Craft a content plan that is equal parts strategy + heart (Yes, SEO & heart-centric business can coexist)

  • Attract your dream clients with compelling, authentic, & original content

  • Get recognized for your thought leadership + build a standout brand


hold onto your hats

Not long from now, we’ll be releasing creativity + communication packages designed specifically for organizational teams. Whether you’re looking to improve teamwork & morale (and your company’s bottom line) or to amp up the quality of client-facing communications (and your company’s bottom line), we’ll have you covered.

Can’t wait? Get in touch.

  • Boost creativity + innovation

  • Build rapport among coworkers

  • Delight your customers