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Start writing again (and then keep doing it).

Build your creative confidence (and dare to tell your stories).

get the insights, affirmation, & accountability needed to finish that story you’ve been swearing you’ll finish for oh, say, the past 12 years.

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the just start

The live coaching session that will help you reconnect with your creativity (no matter how long it’s been dormant), identify your creative goals, figure out what’s been keeping you stuck, + craft a game plan for powering through writing blocks, developing creative habits, & integrating your creative self into your everyday life. You get:

  • One Fire Hour: a live coaching session (in person or on video) during which we’ll:

    • Dive deep into your relationship with your own creativity

    • Identify why you’ve been struggling to write consistently (or at all) + create personalized strategies for dismantling creative blocks & addressing pesky time management issues

    • Figure out exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish with your writing + debunk any preconceptions you might have about what makes for “good” writing

    • Set you on a creative path that feels both fulfilling and sustainable

  • The Write Your Heart Out Guide: One month of personalized journaling exercises + writing prompts to instill creative habits and stoke your creative fires long after we’ve ended our call

Investment: $250

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the compassionate critique

The live writing review session that will help you identify how to finally finish that piece you’ve been working on—whether it’s the right edits in the right place or the boost in confidence you need to share your piece with the world (or finally call it “done” so you can move on to your next creative project). You’ll get:

  • One 2-hour live strategy session during which we’ll:

    • ID your primary goals, sticking points, challenges, & vision for your piece

    • Explore what is and is not serving your piece + identify concrete steps for elevating your writing & making your piece more effective

    • Affirm your unique voice and talents + ID ways for you to shine even more in your work

    • Craft personalized tools that will help you find the self-confidence & motivation to take your piece to the next level

    • Develop a game plan for finalizing your piece—whether that means getting it ready for publication or finding closure with the piece so you can move on to your next project

  • Next Step Edits: Video edits from a seasoned editing pro that will provide you with concrete ideas for elevating your piece

*This package involves a critique of up to 15 pages of writing. If you’d like to work together on a larger piece, please reach out and we’ll sort out the details.

Investment: $495

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the writing revival

The one-on-one mindset + coaching program for writers who are ready to reclaim their creativity, find & own their voice, develop confidence in their writing, refine their craft, + put their work into the world—whether that means submitting for publication or writing a document for your eyes only.

  • Identify what’s actually holding you back from writing more often. (Hint: It’s probably not just “being too busy”)

  • Understand what makes for “good” writing + learn practical tips for upping the quality of everything you write

  • Learn how to manage those inner voices that say your work isn’t good enough—so you can start believing in yourself & the value of your stories

  • Master frameworks & tools that will help you power past writer’s block, write consistently, + guide your stories into taking shape

  • Implement time-management techniques that will get you writing every week—so you can start ticking off all those writing projects you’ve had on the back burner for years (no matter how busy you are)

  • Affirm the skills & viewpoints that already make you creative & a “good” writer

You’ll get:

  • 4X weekly, hour-long, one-on-one live coaching sessions designed to:

    • Identify your unique strengths & challenges as a writer

    • Work through creative blocks

    • Jumpstart your creativity & self-confidence

    • Get you writing on a regular basis

    • Refine a specific piece of writing (if you so choose) &/or experiment with different genres & forms to explore the wide world of creative writing + hone in on your preferred writing style

  • Daily journaling exercises + writing prompts to instill creative habits & stoke your creative fires

  • Templates + tools that will help take the guesswork out of writing + provide you with proven frameworks for getting words down on paper

  • Next Step Edits: One round of video edits from a seasoned editing pro that will provide you with concrete ideas for elevating a particular piece—delivered at the end of the program to stoke your creative fires moving forward

Investment: $1,295

*Group discounts are available. Please reach out and we’ll talk it out.

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the accomplished author

The one-on-one mindset + craft coaching program for writers who are looking to hone their craft, deepen their writing practice, & make more progress in 8 weeks than you have in the past few months (or even years). Whether you’re working to validate your status as an author (finally!) or build writing habits that will help you generate all those story ideas you’ve been holding onto for years, this sustained coaching program is the kick-in-the-pants & the hand-holding you need to become a prolific writer. You’ll get:

  • 8X weekly, hour-long, one-on-one meetings during which we’ll:

    • ID your primary motivations & goals for writing so you can refine your habits + develop the focus needed to produce effective writing & actually finish creative projects

    • ID what’s holding you back from writing more consistently or sharing the stories you want to tell

    • Rapidly advance your progress on a particular piece &/or develop a consistent writing habit

    • Develop strategies & tools for growing your self-confidence + amplifying your voice

    • Craft personalized time management & mindset strategies to ensure you’re feeding your creativity on a regular basis

  • 8X video feedback sessions on your work (between the live meetings) so you can effectively refine your work + see progress from week to week

  • Daily journal exercises to work through writer’s block + manage the voices in your head

  • Weekly writing prompts that are personalized to your goals & designed to move you forward in your relationship to you own work

  • Templates + tools that will help take the guesswork out of writing + provide you with proven frameworks for getting words down on paper

  • Sustained, compassionate accountability & affirmation that will help you grow self-confidence & discipline in your writing

Investment: $2,795

inspirational blogging quotes

the blogging jumpstart

The live strategy bootcamp that will chart a road map for blogging success—so you can target the right audience + produce the right content to grow your readership.

In this 2-hour intensive Blog Jumpstart strategy session, we’ll ID your prime audience, define blogging goals that make sense for you, + identify topics that will make your target audience fall in love with you + grow your reach. During the live in-person or video session, we’ll tackle questions such as:

  • Why do you want to blog—& why should you?

  • Who are you blogging for, & why should they care?

  • What should you be writing about?

  • What constitutes a “good” blog post?

  • What the heck is SEO, & how can you put it to use for your blog?

After the session, I’ll provide you with a brief that will be yours to keep. The brief includes:

  • A 3-month Blog Strategy Road Map designed with your blogging goals & target audience front and center

    • This is a crystal-clear strategy for knocking your goals out of the park. You’ll get a 3-month content calendar with a list of topics to cover

  • The SEO Starter Pack: a primer on basic SEO techniques that you can easily implement on your blog (without losing your soul or sinking tons of time and $$ into SEO tools)

  • The Baller Blog Post Guide: a quick-and-dirty guide for maximizing your results with every blog post so you can shine a light on your blog + reach the right audience

Investment: $495

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