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Up the ante on your dreams

Identify + overcome your fears about your business

Say Yes to your genius

Use your dreams to fuel your growth

Next cohort starts Nov. 7, 2018
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Based on the book by Danielle LaPorte, The Fire Starter Sessions will empower you to:

-Fully want what you want and go for it

-Expand your consciousness and your cash flow

-Get brave about owning your hopes & then alchemize your hopes into realities

-Build a dynamite community of women entrepreneurs who will support you along the way

The 10-week personal + business development program for women entrepreneurs who are ready to overcome your business blocks, attract your dream clients, sell more of your work (without feeling gross), & dive deep into building a practical business that is fulfilling + uplifting

The sessions are
right for you if:

  • You’ve been working as a solopreneur or small business owner, but you’re feeling drained or deflated. This isn’t the business you dreamed it would be, but you know you have that business in you

  • You’ve been growing a side gig & you’re almost ready to quit your day job… but first you need a dose of clarity + confidence to help you make the leap

  • You’ve just started your own biz & you’re looking to ID your unique value, clarify your messaging + target the right clients so you kick things off on the right foot

  • Your business is humming along, but things would be so much easier if you had some soul sisters to cheer you along the way

  • You know the best way to build a business is by combining strategy + heart (and you’re ready to do the work to make it happen)

  • You identify as a woman. Because, c’mon, who runs the world?

During these red-hot 10 weeks, you will:

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  • Identify your superpowers + grow your confidence as an entrepreneur

  • Craft a vision for your business that actually feels good

  • Refine your branding & messaging to accurately convey the value of what you do

  • ID your dream clients + learn to speak their language so your work resonates with the right people

  • Uncover the metrics of ease so you can work easier while getting more done

  • Explore burning questions that will propel you & your business forward

  • Learn how to respect your fear (without succumbing to it)

  • Decide how you want to show up in the world (as a brand and a human being)

  • Develop time-management techniques that are about self-expression, not self-policing

  • Redefine your relationship to money + make way for abundance

  • Identify your supporting characters so you never feel alone (even if you’re building a business solo)

  • Make positive changes in your business & life with the certainty that you already have everything you need to get to where you’re going

It’s gonna be one hell of a ride.


the fire starter curriculum

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Week One: Identifying Your Genius + Embracing the Metrics of Ease

How to identify + own what you’re great at so you can grow your self-confidence, figure out what to do more of + ID what to stop doing

Week Two: Answering the Burning Questions

How to get to the heart of your personal + professional desires so you can craft a game plan that’s rooted in your own practicality + heart

Week 3: Making Way for Growth

How to release past failures & self-limiting beliefs + make way for a more successful, fulfilling business & life

Week 4: Working with Fear & Other Tough Stuff

How to identify the root of your fears so you can diffuse anxiety + develop tools that will help you move forward anyway

Week 5: Targeting the Right Clients

How to identify what business you’re really in so you can connect with the right clients + speak to the heart of what your dream clients want & need

Week 6: Branding + Self-Promotion

How to develop or refine your brand (without feeling icky) + share your brand’s message in a way that attracts the right clients & feels true to you

Week 7: Making More Money

How to power through money blocks so you can finally charge what you’re worth (without feeling guilty) + step into abundance

Week 8: Managing Your Time in Ways that Propel You Forward & Feel Good

How to reclaim your power over time + outsmart the “busy” trap so you can remain in productive & fulfilling flow

Week 9: TBD depending on this cohort’s primary needs, questions, pain points, & desires

Week 10: Supporting Your Momentum

How to feel empowered & stay on course with your mindset + business so you can create lasting impacts in your life

Investment: $495 (discounted to $455 for Colorado Workspace members: Use code COWORKSPACE at checkout)

Extra, Extra! get All the Deets

  • The Sessions will be held from 6 to 8 pm on Wednesday evenings at Colorado Workspace in Eagle Ranch

  • We will meet for a total of 10 Sessions. Sessions will not be held the day before Thanksgiving or the day after Christmas

  • Each Session will consist of brief lectures, workbook exercises, and outrageously rich & supportive discussions to power you forward

  • In addition to the live Sessions, you’ll also receive templates, journaling prompts, + other tools & resources to help you level up your brand

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